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Transfer Level Course Offerings
The math courses you choose to take will depend on your major and the university or college to which you are transferring. San Diego Community College District students, including City College students, typically transfer to

  • University of California (UC)
  • California State University (CSU) or
  • Private / Independent / Out-of-State University

Click here to access a comprehensive list of links providing transfer institution requirements: University Requirements.

Click here to see the sequence of courses: Course Sequence

All Transfer Level Classes
Transfer Level Classes Offered Online

Math 104
Math 107
Math 107L
Math 108
Math 108L
Math 116
Math 118
Math 119
Math 121
Math 122
Math 141
Math 150
Math 150L
Math 151
Math 181
Math 182
Math 183
Math 184
Math 210A
Math 210B
Math 212
Math 237
Math 237L
Math 245
Math 252
Math 254
Math 255

Math 104
Math 107
Math 107L
Math 116
Math 118
Math 119
Math 121
Math 141
Math 150


The Math Department recommends you take advantage of the excellent tutoring available on campus.

  • The Math Center Tutoring Service
    The Math Center offers self paced classes and provides tutoring to all San Diego City College math students. The Math Center is located in L-208. The phone number is 619-388-3580.Visit the Math Center web page by clicking here: The Math Center Web Page
  • The Tutorial Center
    The Tutorial Center provides scheduled group and one-on-one tutoring and walk-in tutoring for all math courses. They also provide online tutoring. Don't miss their Math 38, 46, and 96 CRAM JAM sessions designed to prepare you for the math departmental finals in those courses! The Tutorial Center is located in L-205. The phone number is 619-388-3685.Visit the Tutorial Center web page by clicking here: The Tutorial Center Web Page


You can build your math confidence and reduce math anxiety by improving your study skills and incorporating relaxation techniques into your life. If you're well prepared for each lecture, quiz, and exam, then you confidence will naturally grow.

  • Student Mental Health Services
    San Diego City College offers a variety of social and psychological support services free of charge to enrolled students through Student Mental Health Services. These include therapy for specific anxiety including test taking anxiety and math anxiety. The office is located in Room A-221 and the phone number is 619-388-3539. Click on the following link to reach their web page: Student Mental Health Services Web Page
  • Disability Support Program (DSPS)
    DSPS provides services and courses to support students with disabilities in the achievement of their academic and vocational goals. If you know or suspect you may have a disability, please contact DSPS. They offer courses including DSPS 38 Math Strategies for the Learning Disabled. The office is located in Room A-115 and their phone number is619-388-3513. Click on the following link to reach their web page: DSPS.

There are a variety of support programs that will empower you to reach your full academic potential by providing a variety of resources.

  • Trio Aspire
    TRIO/ASPIRE is a student support service program funded by the U.S. Department of Education to help increase the number of disadvantaged students who successfully complete a program of study at the postsecondary level of education. Visit the City College Trio Aspire web page by clicking here: Trio Aspire
  • MESA (Math Engineering and Science Achievement)
    If you're interested in math and science, contact the San Diego City College MESA program. The MESA program supports educationally disadvantaged students who are majoring in math science or engineering to excel in their fields of study and to successfully transfer to four-year institutions. In general, MESA programs help students develop academic and leadership skills, increase educational performance, and gain confidence in their ability to compete professionally. Key components of the MESA community college programs make this a wonderful support program. Get more information about the City College MESA program by clicking here: MESA Center at San Diego City College. (Room L-115 on the campus of City College)
Professor Guillermo Alvarez is maintaining the instructor resource page at City Math Instructor Resources.